Certified Translation Service

Dear Colleagues, 
International Office ULM provide the information how and where you can translate document (from Indonesia to English) such as Academic transcript, Journal and other documents. Below is the information about the translation service:


Mr. Yusuf Al Arief, M.Hum

(HPI Membership No: HPI-17-2466)


  • Whatsapp : +62857 5166 7261
  • Email: yusufalarief@gmail.com

What documents we can translate? 

  • Academic Transcript
  • Abstract
  • Paper
  • Certificate
  • Article
  • Journal
  • Book

Where should you send the document?

  • Those who wants to translate the Academic Transcript, you must bring the original document to Translator’s office at English Department Study Program of Lambung Mangkurat University (Lecturer Room).
  • Those who wants to translate the documents such as Abstract, Journal, Paper, Article and Book, you can directly send the document through the translator’s email. 


Based on the regulation from The Ministry of  Finance Republic of Indonesia about the Standard Fee for translation service:

  • Academic Transcript / Abstract (Indonesia to English) : 200.000 IDR
  • Book, Journal and other will be adjusted based on the difficulty level 
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