Warm Welcoming by the Mayor!

20180124_180124_0026Wednesday, January 24, 2018. A total of 13 students from overseas, Thailand and Philippines are warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Banjarmasin, Ibnu Sina, at the Mayor’s Office of Banjarmasin. On this occasion, Dr. Arief Budiman, as the International Office Director of Lambung Mangkurat University said that the arrival of foreign students to Banjarmasin is one of the program of International Office ULM, namely Sea Teacher Program. This program is the result of the cooperation between Lambung Mangkurat University and SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Educations Organization), which is an international organization intended to promote cooperation in education, science in Southeast Asia. This year, Lambung Mangkurat University receives 13 foreign students consisting of several universities in Thailand and the Philippines. Also, the Lambung Mangkurat University sent 13 students scattered in Thailand and the Philippines. The students come from various disciplines of science, such as social science, mathematics, English, elementary and pre-school.20180124_180124_0002

This program has been implemented by Lambung Mangkurat University for 2 consecutive years. Each period, the program is implemented for 1 full month. During the program, students are required to practice teaching at the schools in Banjarmasin. (IO ULM).

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