Students from Sekolah Indonesia Davao (SID) Study at ULM

Banjarmasin, ULM (13/8/2018). There are four students graduated from the Philippine Indonesian School (SID) came to Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) through an agreed cooperation program between ULM and SID.
The presence of the four students in Banjarmasin was directly delivered by the Deputy Principal of SID Public Relations, Nanang Sumanang.
The four SID’s students symbolically handed over to the Head of the Cooperation Planning and Public Relations Bureau of ULM, Ir. H. Sarwadi and were also attended by the Head of the Academic Administration Bureau of ULM, Drs. Asrani.Nanang admitted that he was grateful that his students could continue their study in higher education at ULM. “We are very grateful to the ULM’s Rector, Prof. Dr. H Sutarto Hadi of this collaboration until Davao children can study in Indonesia,” said Nanang.
The four young men who will be living in South Kalimantan to study at ULM consist of Christian Tampomona Adilang who takes the Management Study Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Chrisanto Puae Burongan in Information Technology Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Bryan M Manansang in Physical Education and Arnel R Masoa takes English Education Study Program at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.
For the information, the children who study at SID are the sons and daughters of Indonesian citizens who live around General Santos City and on Balut Island and Sarangani. Most of their students have not yet determined their citizenship status before they turn 18 years old. However, the majority of children born there prefer to become Indonesian citizens because of their parents from Indonesia. Where the history comes from the Sangihe Islands, North Sulawesi Province. (ULM IO)
(Photo Source: ULM IO Documentation)
(Photo Source: ULM IO Documentation)

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