Warm Welcoming By The Australian’s Ambassador

COLOMBO1Jakarta, (02/07/2018) Rector of ULM Prof. Dr. H. Sutarto Hadi, M.Si., M.Sc met with Australian Ambassador HE Gary Quinlan AO together with 20 students and 3 Professors from Newcastle University Australia at the Australian Embassy for Indonesia. At this meeting, the delegation was invited to tour and be given material on politics, economics, development and digital diplomacy by staff from the Australian Embassy in Indonesia. HE Gary Quinlan AO warmly welcomed and took time to discuss with students and Professors from Newcastle University. The Australian Embassy in Indonesia is Australia’s largest Embassy in the world given the importance and close ties of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Australia.
Director of International Office ULM, Arief Budiman, SE. MMktg, Ph.D explained that this group is incorporated in the New Colombo Plan program which is a flagship program of and funded by the Australian government to send students to countries in Asia and Indonesia. As Australia’s closest and most important neighbor, Indonesia is the largest recipient of the New Colombo Plan compared to other participating countries. Students with various departments from Australia who are sent will be given the opportunity to live, study and attend an internship or training in the Indo-Pacific region.
In his interview, Rector ULM expressed his pride and gratitude to implement the cooperation that has been running. In this program, Newcastle University sends 20 students of S1 and 3 Professors to study and research on Biodiversity in South Kalimantan, especially about the behavior of the Proboscis Monkey (Bekantan) and Orang Utan. The Rector hopes that this program can continue to strengthen the cooperative relationship between ULM and the University in Australia, especially with Newcastle University and can increase the internationalization of ULM.

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