The Excitement of the 60th Anniversary of Lambung Mangkurat Univeristy

Thursday, September 20, 2018, all of the academician in ULM had the opportunity to enliven the 60th Anniversary of ULM by participating in various competitions held in the courtyard of the ULM Rectorate building. The competitions were held, namely the Tug-of-war competition (in Bahasa: Lomba Tarik Tambang), sack race, balloon dance competition, race to move eels and eating crackers. On the same day an Actualization Seminar on the Wetland Environmental Program by the Institute for Learning Improvement and Development was held.
To commemorate and honor the previous leaders who have contributed to the ULM campus, Saturday 22 September 2018, a ziarah (visiting the tomb to commemorate the deceased) was held to the tomb of the first Chancellor (President) National Hero Brigade General Hasan Hasan Basri and the tombs of the Previous Chancellor ULM that located in Banjarbaru and Rantau. On the same day a seminar was held with the theme Actualization of the Heroic Value of Fighters in the 1st floor of the Rector’s Hall. In this seminar the invitees who had a collection of documents, photos, books and historical records related to the founding figure and the history of the development of ULM were asked to be prepared to duplicate their documents as a complementary material for the preparation of ULM history and archive enrichment in the ULM archival.

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