The 2nd New Colombo Plan 2018: “Mining Closure and Forest Rehabilitation in Ex- Mining Areas: Mitigation of Ecological Impact”

After his success in running the Summer Course program with the Theme of Biodiversity of Proboscis Monkey and Orangutan in July, Lambung Mangkurat University through the Office of International Affairs once again held a second Summer Course, themed Mining Closure and Forest Rehabilitation in Ex Mining Areas. This program is implemented because there is a cooperation between Lambung Mangkurat University and the University of Newcastle Australia through the program called the New Colombo Plan 2018.
The program was attended by 11 students and 2 professors from the University of Newcastle Australia, and 6 local students from ITK Balikpapan, Tanjung Pura University, UPN Yogyakarta and Unsyiah Aceh. This activity was held for two weeks, starting from December 3rd to December 16th, 2018. For two weeks, the program was implemented at several points by visiting two coal mining, PT. Adaro Indonesia – Tabalong and PT. Jorong Barutama Greston – Pelaihari and Traditional Diamond Mining in Pumpung Village, Martapura.
During this program, participants were introduced on how the process of land management after coal mining, water treatment process, plant nurseries and others related to mining closure and forest rehabilitation in Ex – Mining Area. Not only about the coal, on this second summer course, participants were also introduced about how to dig mine diamonds in traditional diamond mining in Martapura, South Kalimantan. Participants were also introduced about how to polish diamonds until it’s become very beautiful jewelry.

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