The Senate General Meeting of 59 Anniversary of Lambung Mangkurat University

DSC_2621The Senate General Meeting of the 59th Anniversary of Universitas Lambung Mangkurat was held at Multipurpose Building on Monday (25/09/2017). The event was attended by South Kalimantan Governor H. Sahbirin Noor, Special Staff of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education KH. Abdul Wahid Maktub, Chairman of IKA H. G (P) Rusdi Effendi AR, former Rector, founder of ULM G.Kosasie, educators and other education and invitation. Beginning with chanting of the Holy Qur’an, the Senate Meeting was opened by the Rector Prof. Dr. H. Sutarto Hadi., M.Si., M.Sc., followed by historical reading by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Achmad Alim Bachri, SE., M.Sc. Rector in his speech conveyed, in the era of information technology progress very quickly, universities must have many new innovations in accordance with the current era. It is a challenge for the higher education world to adapt to the situation. Lambung Mangkurat University who has entered the age of 59 must continue to prepare qualified human resources to ensure the sustainability of the nation’s future in national, regional and regional development processes, especially South Kalimantan. As the oldest university in Borneo, it is time for ULM to move faster and more advanced to make it a leading and competitive university, said Rector.

DSC_2719In this activity also conducted scientific oration KH. Abdul Wahid Maktub, Kemenristekdikti Special Staff also conveyed in the current competition is very tight make us have to keep moving to do the competition by providing the latest innovations. Momentum Dies Natalis ULM can be used as a reflection to reflect on the shortcomings that have in the future could be improved for the better. At the end of the South Kalimantan Governor’s program, the scholarship of 1.3 billion for students was given as an effort to improve the quality of education in Kalsel and continued with the award of ULM Award 2017 to the Governor of KalSel H. Sahbirin Noor as a caring education leader, H. G (P) Rusdi Effendi AR as a social figure, Drs. Abdul Rivai as the founder of ULM, and G. Kosasie as the founder of ULM as well as other awards. (PR ULM)


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